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Before we tackle any welding projects its important to be set up well and organised. If you are fabrication your welding projects at a home workshop please make sure you have the correct safety measures in place. Keep your area free of combustibles such as rags, rubbish, paint and solvents. Most home workshops work with wood as well as metal welding projects so be aware also of wood shavings and sawdust that can ignite. (Wood products and rags can quietly smolder away and break out in fire after you have left your workshop). Keep an up to date fire extinguisher on hand and within easy reach.

Make sure you have adequate ventilation to keep the fumes and gases from your breathing zone. If you are setting up a workshop its better to have fumes sucked away rather than blown as blowing away fume can also affect your sheilding gas if you are mig or tig welding. Weld outside or in your gaurage with the door open if your workshop has little air flow.

Keep your area dry to reduce the possibility of electric shock. Make sure all your electrical leads are  in good condition and set out so you cant trip over them or accidentaly cut or burn them. Be sure you are properly insulated from live electrical parts, and turn off power when not using equipment. Wear the appropriate safety clothing such as leather boots, long sleeve shirt or welding jacket, overalls and gloves, and a welders cap for your head. Nothing is worse than sparks in your hair or even more so, down your boot! 

Other areas to consider with your welding project is protection from welding flash, for both yourself and others around you. Use a welding screen to protect others including your pets. Buy a good quality auto darkening welding helmet. "Arc eyes" or welders flash is not pleasant and prolonged exposure can lead to permanent injury.

Keep your workspace tidy and clutter free with a place for each tool and plenty of storage. Set your workshop up with a steel top workbench if you can, this can be one of your first welding projects.

Following these simple guidelines and basic common sense will ensure your welding project runs smoothly and will also add to the quality of the finished product. Good luck, and enjoy yourself.


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