Micro Welding – What It Means

Micro Welding, also known as precision welding, refers to a set of technologies and equipment designed especially for performing welding operation on tiny, thin, and delicate parts by using consistent and tightly controlled heat energy. The welding metal gets deposited on the joint in the form of very fine lumps. The process is designed for micro jobs, as the name itself suggests, but the quality and product function remains integral after the process has been performed.

Usually, it is required that the micro welding equipments are capable of locating the hardware itself for welding components of miniature devices and other applications. This technique is created in the design of the process of itself and require precision to get the job done. The energy is deposited on the specified space to create a weld, and also no interference is acceptable.

Processes applicable to micro-welding

” Resistance
” Flash
” Arc- includes TIG, MIG, and plasma
” Laser

Resistance Micro Welding

It is a type of micro welding process in which different set of equipments is used. To perform spot or seam welding, the equipment used in micro welding is miniaturized and is used to perform all the functions for welding, which include holding parts to be welded between the electrodes, and application for pressure; flow of current as per scheduled. All the newly developed equipments are capable for monitoring all mechanical and electric parameters of weld. 

Flash Micro Welding

Chains of precious metals can be manufactured with the help of flash micro welding machines, which work automatically and are easily available. These machines include full application of hot junction of thermocouple wires.

Arc Micro-welding

Arc Welding, the miniature versions of Micro-welding, includes pulsed power supplies of fractional amperage, which are capable of precise control; specially designed mini torches suitable to perform metal deposition of fine drops in the desired area. In this process no damage is there to the surroundings, as the input of heat is minimal, and it is one of the finest form of the micro welding.

With the help of arc micro welding it is easy to repair parts that are difficult to weld; assemble tiny elements into complex structures of hardware; tools of high alloy steel or expensive molds.

Laser Micro Welding

Laser welding employs small solid-state sources having fractional power to perform the task. However, applications that can be integrated into automatic operations are most suitable applications of laser micro welding. This type of micro welding also delivers one of the finest qualities of welded joints.

Micro Welding-Applications

Some of the applications of micro welding are given below. However, there can be some combinations or alteration of these applications, which usually are employed for miniature work. It is clear that micro welding has multiple types and, therefore, the applications are also multiple involving different fields of technological functioning. Some of them are:

” Aerospace items
” Batteries
” Dental appliances 
” Electronic instrumentation
” Jewelry
” Lighting assemblies and lamps
” Medical implants
” Sensing devices